Welcome to Gemtech

We Create
  • Strategy
  • Business Cases
  • Requirements
We Deliver
  • Programmes
  • Projects
  • Improvements
We Assure
  • Capability
  • Governance
  • Delivery

Thank you for visiting our website – we are here to help you.

We are a business consultancy with a very simple purpose:

  • Develop improvements for our clients that have not yet been considered
  • Successfully implement those improvements no matter how great the challenge
  • Aim to work under success fee arrangements
  • Help our clients achieve strategic success and advance the careers of our sponsors

Gemtech is a panel member in the AoG Consultancy Services solution for Business and Finance, in the following categories:

  • Assurance (including GCIO Assurance Service Sub-panel)
  • Audit
  • Procurement & Logistics
  • Finance and Economics

Our Reputation – Skilled in Dealing with Todays Issues and Trusted to Deliver Practical Solutions

  • Efficient Use of Your Time: You are a busy person – if we don’t have something useful to say or innovative to deliver we won’t waste your time
  • Focused On What Matters: We engage with real, significant challenges and opportunities – we do difficult stuff – leaving others to do routine, commodity consultancy
  • Open Engagement: We share our thoughts with our clients long before their decision to commission work – we challenge and shape their thinking about their requirements and approach
  • Honest Behaviour: If we don’t know something we will say so – but we will find the answer or someone who does know.

Examples of What We Achieve – We Help Our Clients Do Difficult Stuff

  • Deliver projects on time, within budget, that meet the business requirements – business case justification is realised and out-of-control project are brought back on track
  • Redesign processes that improve the quality of services and reduce delivery times – a better way for staff to work
  • Organise functional groups so they deliver better services with constrained resources and budgets
  • Develop insightful information and effective tools – supporting managers to make improved decisions and acquire greater customer knowledge
  • Establish effective governance arrangements – active facilitation of projects and initiatives success
  • Apply risk intelligence – identifying problems before they happen